Ring Ring Road Cycling Tourisum Day2

Ring Ring Road Cycling Tourisum Day2

~Tsuchiura City・Kasumigaura City~
Ring Ring Road Cycling Tourisum
Day 2

Spot 08
Chokoji temple
1353 Nakashiduku, Kasumigaura city, Ibaraki
 Chokoji Temple, also known as “The Five Hundred Arhats,” has been designated as a city-cultural asset by the city of Kasumigaura for its sanctuary gate and main hall. The sight of about 500 uniquely-expressed Arhantine Buddhas lined up in the precincts of the temple is like an outdoor gallery. They were started in 1986 by Ishioka-based sculptor Shusaku Tsurumi, and the works of the artist that was taught by him, can now be seen in the temple. Each of the Arhantine Buddhas have a rich expression and you will lose track of time as you look at each Arhantine Buddha.
  • As soon as you enter the temple gate, you will be greeted by the Arhat Buddha
  • Lined up on the side of the hill towards the main hall
Also on the grounds above the main hall with different expressions and poses
Spot 09
Maekawa Fruit Farm
at 11:30
1404 Shimotsuchida Kasumigaura city, Ibaraki
TEL:0299-59-2495 (Japanese is only available)
 Ibaraki Prefecture is also known for its fruit. Why not visit an orchard during a bike ride and get plenty of water and vitamins from the delicious fruit? At this scenic Maekawa orchard on the plateau, you can eat as many freshly harvested pears (Kosui, Hosui, and Niitaka) and grapes (Kyoho) as you like after paying the admission fee. You can also enjoy picking pears and grapes in the orchard right in front of you.
  • Pears that are ready to eat
  • Grape vineyards in front of the reception area

You can enjoy eating all-you-can-eat fruit after paying the admission fee.
Spot 10
Shimaki Farm
at 14:00
1020-24 Kamitsuchida Kasumigaura city, Ibaraki
TEL:0299-59-2038 (Japanese is only available)
 Chestnuts are also one of Ibaraki’s specialties, and it boasts the largest production in Japan. Shimanki Farm, located about 3.5 km from Maekawa Orchard, is also a must-visit spot. Once you enter the premises under the signboard of “Marron Soft Cream”, you will see a store, the main house, and a stone storehouse lined up in the middle of a vast chestnut field, making it look like a summer holiday resort. The reason why the trees are planted in intervals is so that they can grow enough roots to produce good quality fruit. The taste of the fruit can’t be replicated, and the three types of thick jams made with the fruit are popular products that have fans all over the country. A favorite among cyclists is, of course, the Marron(Chesnuts) soft serve ice cream!
  • A large zelkova tree greets you at the entrance
  • Chestnut soft serve ice cream is popular with cyclists!

Take a short break while gazing at the beautiful chestnut forest
Spot 11
Patisserie Presen
at 15:30
5-4-11 Inayoshi, Kasumigaura city, Ibaraki
TEL.029-831-5523 (Japanese is only available)
 At the end of the fruit and sweets tour, you should definitely stop by Patisserie Presant, located about 4.5 km from Shimaki Farm, near JR Kandatsu Station. The red logo on the white building is a landmark. Fresh sweets and baked goods made from fresh fruits are displayed in the showcase, taking advantage of the characteristics of this fruit-growing region. Food and drink are available on the terrace as well as to-go. It is also registered as a bike support station, and is always equipped with racks, air bottles and tools. Special offers for cyclists are also available.

“Mont-Blanc” made with Chiyoda chestnuts