Local Crafts

Local Crafts

Various kinds of craftworks have been made since ancient times in Ibaraki by utilizing natural resources. Come to Ibaraki to find beautiful craftworks that are produced by employing skills and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Kasama-yaki Pottery

Kasama City

Kasama-yaki pottery dates back to the end of the Edo Period (around 200 years ago), and there are more than 200 pottery makers in Kasama, where many ceramic artists from other areas in Japan and overseas flock to live and pursue their art. Since each piece of Kasama-yaki pottery reflects its maker’s creativity and unique style, you are sure to find many pieces that appeal to you.

Yuki Tsumugi Silk

Yuki City

The technique of making Yuki tsumugi silk has been passed down for over 400 years in this area. It is unique in that the silk is spun and woven all by hand. This durable, time-honored silk fabric doesn’t look shiny, and it is soft to the touch.

Suifu Chochin Paper Lanterns

Mito City

The traditional paper lanterns called Suifu chochin are highly appreciated for their durability. Each lantern is made by affixing traditional Japanese paper to a frame made from narrow strips of bamboo. Most Suifu chochin have a traditional design, but some of them feature modern designs as well.

Daigo Urushi Lacquer Ware

Daigo Town

Japanese lacquer is taken from varnish trees, and the town of Daigo produces the second largest amount of lacquer in Japan. The word “japan” itself means “lacquer,” and lacquer ware has been used for various purposes throughout the years. You most certainly will find something, be it beautiful shiny tableware or furniture, that will attract you.

Nishinouchi Japanese Paper

Hitachiomiya City

Traditional Japanese paper features a soft texture, and reveals a lot about what Japanese culture is like. Nishinouchi Japanese paper is made from the excellent wood and clean water that is to be found in Ibaraki. The paper is used for various purposes, including for stationery.

Kirigeta Paulownia-wood Clogs

Yuki City

Because paulownia wood is light and water-repellent, kirigeta clogs are both comfortable and durable. The way to make kirigeta has been passed down for more than 200 years. There are many choices in design and color, so how about trying on a pair to see how you like them?

Ishidoro Stone Lanterns

Sakuragawa City

Sakuragawa City is famous for producing quality stone that is used for carvings and other purposes. Stone lanterns are used for lighting in yards and gardens, and they create a special Japanese atmosphere in such places. The stone from Sakuragawa is also suitable for making decorative objects and large water pots to be placed in the yard.