Outdoor Experiences

Outdoor Experiences

Blessed with natural gifts such as the sea, vast lands, mountains and rivers, Ibaraki offers many spots for enjoying outdoor activities. Here we introduce some recommended activities you can enjoy in Ibaraki. Taking part in such programs will become an unforgettable memory of your trip to Ibaraki.

Ryujin Gorge Carp Streamer Festival

Hitachiota City

The Ryujin Koi Nobori – koi carp streamer – festival dates back 1988 when carp streamers were first displayed on the nearby Ryujin Dam while the bridge itself was still under construction. Nowadays, the festival features nearly 1000 carp streamers anchored to the bridge’s suspension cables. 

Carp streamer festivals are held across Japan to celebrate Children’s Day on the 5th of May. On this day, the bridge is free for children!

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Ibaraki is one of the best places in Japan for paragliding and even hosted the Paragliding World Cup in 2007! Thanks to the wind conditions in the area, gliders can fly for a long time. Beginners and first-timers are welcome and there are plenty of instructors and schools to choose from. 



Canoeing is a great way to take in Ibaraki’s stunning natural scenery while exploring the area and getting active. Beginners are welcome and instructors are on-hand to help. 



It takes roughly one hour from Tokyo to Tsukuba, the home of a 180-km-long cycling road. Since on the flat roads around Lake Kasumigaura are less cars driving, you can enjoy bike-riding safely and leisurely, which is suitable for beginners and group riders. For seasoned cyclists, a hill climb course is available around Mt. Tsukuba. The Tsukuba Ring Ring Road is to be extended in the future.

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With river, plains, mountains and coastline, Ibaraki is home to a diverse array of campsites, many of which offer equipment rental and even BBQ meal plans to make your trip hassle free. Escape the stress of city life and relax beneath the starry skies of Ibaraki! 


Marine Sports

With miles of Pacific Coastline, Ibaraki is home to a variety of marine sports including surfing, kayaking, body boarding and yacht cruising. There are also several lakes in the prefecture offering activities such Lake Hinuma which offers wakeboarding, SUP and canoeing!

Fruit Picking

Ibaraki is a paradise for lovers of fruit. There are many tourist farms where you buy fresh fruit or take part in on-site fruit picking. Some fruit farms offer all-you-can-eat fruit picking programs. In addition, you can buy processed fruit items such as jam.

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